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By Edward Joseph S. Freyra

Being an ANCOP Scholar is an answered prayer. It was truly a grace over a graces and blessing over blessings.

My family experienced hardships in life — struggled in financial stability, including our allowances and budget for schoolworks.

I was even stuck up with my anxieties because it was hard for me to see my family trying to endure life’s crisis. Yet, I passionately pursued my dream. I did my classmates’ paperworks, assignments, homeworks, involving drawing plates, just so they could pay me off and sustain my needs for school.

I am blessed that I became a YFC. I remember that it was in my second semester as a second year BS Science Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering student, when a YFC Coordinator of mine knew our family’s situation and helped me get into the scholarship.

I am thankful to ANCOP, especially to my sponsor - AGW. And if there are things I've learned from them, these would be faith, hope and love.

I’ve seen how ANCOP, AGW and even CFC shared their prayers for me; not just praying for me as a scholar but also including my personal prayers. It is through their faith that they also answer the call of the Lord to answer the plea of the poor.

AGW gave me a sense of hope. Granting me the scholarship allowed me to go forward amidst the trials of life and taught me to dream big. That hope made me realize that even if I struggle, I can do more and be more.

Sharing their time, effort and treasures to me and continuously lending their hands to those in need led me to feel the love they have, above all, for God. They love God so much that they also love people like me. Their love for God is beyond measure for if not because of it, I might’ve got lost and lose the battle itself. Because of their love, I am also being reminded to love - the lost, the last and the least.

Truly, being an ANCOP scholar is a great affirmation from God. It does not only help me, but also helps my family. I even get to pay my boarding house, our electricity bill, water bill and my fees at school.

I truly praise God for putting me here. It is a great venture to be part of this community and to be an AGW Scholar.

I will continue to strive and to thrive. To dream big and to do more. For if not because of the generosity of the Lord through ANCOP and AGW, I will never become the person that I am today.

Because of ANCOP, I will never be the same.
Chapter: San Vicente
Sector: -
Province: Camarines Norte


By Sonia S. Carbonell, Cornerstone Volunteer

The commitment and cooperation of the CFC Community, specifically the ANCOP mission, “Answering the Cry of the Poor” inspired me to participate in the Global Walk.

The purpose has motivated me to contribute towards the betterment of the future of poor students who are struggling in their education. Just only to walk (not even to run) a few distances and you can now change the future of a child and his or her family forever.

I learned that through AGW, the scholars could have a bright future because of our contribution. That our little generosity can give a significant impact to the lives of AGW beneficiaries.

Let me quote the words of CFC ANCOP Chairman Ermelo Villaroman, Jr. from the message of Fr. Letada: “ANCOP Global Walk is an opportunity for us to be a gift to the Church and to be God’s answer to the cry of the poor.” This is the message that inspired me to participate actively in AGW. We have to live as children’s light, in doing so, we do not go alone, there must be others, and that is our community. Thus, CFC never moves alone, there is always togetherness and this makes our endeavor beneficial to children — giving them a brighter future and a more beautiful light for the children’s and their family’s future.

Walking with brothers and sisters in the community in a short distance (a kilometer or more) can make a beautiful difference to an individual. What I always bear in mind is that God is with me in all endeavors that I am involved with. That I am not walking alone, despite any storm that may be encountered, because there is always the grace of God to achieve our common goal.

My commitment of sharing God’s love with others keeps me attending the global walk. In every step that I do, it matters to make everything count and be of help in fulfilling the dreams of many children. Walking not only to share love for others but would be beneficial to ourselves physically and emotionally as well. It’s only once a year, thus, it is self-fulfilling to serve others and share what we have in our own simple way.

Moreover, success of AGW is driven by our desire to continuously provide the best kind of help and service to the less fortunate. This keeps me always actively involved in global walk and drive activities within the community in trying to help the marginalized.

I will join hand in hand with my co-walkers and see this as an opportunity to serve the underprivileged and stay positive. Give less to self, more for others, enough for all, and all for God.
Chapter: Daet
Sector: -
Province: Camarines Norte
Growing up in a less privileged community did not hinder me to realize the value of education.

Despite our financial incapability and academic challenges, I persevered, and set my family as my number one inspiration — even up to this day.

My parents, Rodolfo and Emma Fernandez, are members of Couples for Christ in Camarines Sur. My father does not have a regular job, but takes his time and effort to work on the sidelines, like being a driver and an autocad mechanic. Meanwhile, my mother is a plain housewife. I have three siblings - the other two are now working by the grace of God, and the youngest still in senior high school and is living with my parents in Bicol. At the moment, I am the one providing for my family.

In retrospection, I can say that I wouldn’t be able to do what I am able now if not because of the ANCOP family. When I was still studying, my father was so persistent in getting me a scholarship. It was when ANCOP chose me to be part of the Camarines Sur Scholars.

It was in 2015 when the labor of ANCOP finally came to fruition. I graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Ragay Capus). From the same year, I took and with the help of our Lord, passed the CPA board exam.

The four years of being an ANCOP Scholar helped me a lot. But above all, it made me appreciate more the little things in life, and made me more persistent in my dreams.

I am now an Internal Auditor at Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. in Las Piñas. Small problems still arise but despite that I’m still blessed everyday.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the ANCOP Camsur chapter and to all sponsors and donors locally and abroad. My educational pursuits would not be possible without your generous support. Thank you very much and God bless you all.

I’m Sarah Mhay Fernandez, a proud ANCOP scholar!
Chapter: Sipocot
Province: Camarines Sur

From a Scholar to Professional Animator

Ruby Mae G. Regilme, a former ANCOP Scholar, now working as Animator at Provincial Capital of Camarines Sur. Let's take a look back on her journey before she became who she is now.

Just like any other story that we used to hear, life was never been easy on her. She is the third child of Noel Regilme, who is working as helper in her grandmother's house, and Ruth Regilme, who is working as maid in Legazpi City. Her mother cannot take good care of her and her three other siblings because she can only stay at their home one day in a week. Despite this reality, her parents is still serving Couples for Christ as CFC Chapter Head of North Cluster in the province of Albay.

When she was in Elementary, she did not yet fully realized nor show her talent in drawing and arts, but she used to be a consistent honor student. While in her high school years, she has a part-time in sketching that helped her somehow to sustain her "baon" in her schooling. When she reached College, she took up a course that is close to her heart. She took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Animation at Bicol University. Throughout her four years in College, her God-given talent in arts were more honed and realized.

In her difficulty in financial needs for her studies, she believed that God will always provide. Being an ANCOP scholar helped her and her family to lessen their financial problem. According to her, as well as from her parents, Being an ANCOP scholar is a blessing from God because it enables them to sustain her needs in school especially in projects needed in her course.

She quoted, "As an ANCOP Scholar recipient po, sobrang thankful po ako kasi isa ako sa mga estudyanteng natulungan nilang makapagtapos ng pag-aaral, hindi lng po financially pati spritually naggrow po ako. Mas lumalim po ang pananampalataya ko at ng family ko po kay God, ngayon po paunti- unti ko nang natutupad ang mga pangarap ko sa buhay most especially para sa family q. Lahat po yun ay dahil sa tulong ng Ancop. Thank you po.”

Now, aside from being an Animator, she is also helping her family especially her younger sister to finish her studies in Nursing in Bicol University.

She remains grateful to the community and to ANCOP for allowing her to experience the gift of education, a gift that changed her life.
Province: Albay