Benjamin Carpentero, Jr.: The Miraculous Phone Call

What kind of hopes can a 25-year old out-of-school-youth have in life? As a son of a driver and a housewife, I didn’t have much. Though life was hard, I kept on praying though that I would get a college degree against all odds.  


It was after a Couples for Christ (CFC) member in our area encouraged me to apply for an ANCOP scholarship that my life would change for the better. I was heading a provincial youth conference as its event head when that CFC leader called me up, telling me that my application had been rejected because I was overage. With a heavy heart, I tried to understand the situation. Maybe there was a deeper need to prioritize the education of the younger ones.  

Hope, however, didn’t leave me. Just a few moments later, something I can only consider a miracle happened. She called me back, saying a CFC member was willing to support my college education. She said I could even enroll the very next day if I wanted to! I was happy beyond words. It only took minutes for God to completely change my life. 

I enrolled right away at the Cebu Technological University for a four-year industrial technology course. After graduation, I was hired as a designer and project manager by the construction firm where I had my internship. After some time, my dream of becoming an architect seemed to be calling me back. And so I decided to work part-time and took up a 5-year course in architecture. Now, I’m happy to share that I’m months away from graduation. 

I only have gratitude to Our Lord, to the CFC community, and to ANCOP for opening the door to my dreams. Most specially, I’m thankful to the generous heart that sponsored my education. Dahil po sa inyo, nakapag-aral ako. (Because of you, I got to study.) 

It definitely doesn’t end here. With all my skills and talents, I’m hopeful that I can help others in need by giving back the blessings that were shared to me and my family. (Yvonne Grace Dolorosa) 

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