Leo Casia: Rising Above Adversity

Prayers don’t go unanswered. I held on to this promise, while struggling to reach a dream that lived only in my hopes. I never met my mother, nor did I ever know who my father was. I grew up with my maternal grandmother, who single-handedly raised me. 

Unfortunately, I had to leave my grandmother after graduating from elementary school. I went to live with my aunt to enter high school in Cebu. Grateful for their love and support, I studied hard  and finished my junior year  with honors. 

My life took a turn before my senior year. Finally reunited, I moved in with my mother in Las Piñas that summer. I had to live with three of my half-siblings and a sick stepfather, all trying to make ends meet with my mother’s wages as a laundry woman. 

There, I would walk 3 kilometers to school—leaving home every morning with nothing in my pockets for food nor transportation.  Going to school without eating breakfast nor having lunch  after class was quite normal for me. But still, I persisted. I felt the difficulties piling up, but I didn’t  let them crush my spirit. 

It was in college that God answered my prayers. After a fateful meeting with a friend, a series of events kicked off that would eventually secure me a scholarship sponsored by ANCOP Singapore. 

With the support I needed, I worked hard and studied harder. I was a consistent dean’s lister from year one until I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, cum laude. 

My utmost gratitude goes to ANCOP and my Singapore benefactors for making my dream a reality. They really are the bearers of God’s promise of hope and a better future. I promise that just like them, I’ll also  be an instrument of hope to others. All glory and honor to the Almighty God, my Rock, and the Source of everything good! (Brienz Athena Suaberon)

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